Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i love u~~

i has just received my mum's msg...js only two words.. "happy birthday" my tears dropped whn i saw tat msg.. she gv me a surprise..cause i tot my mum will wish me tml morning she didn't..she sms n wishes me 1am 08/07/ mum always sleep b4 nw,she woke up for just sms to wish me...this is the best present tat i have received..mummy,thx a lot..thx for brought me to this world..and thanks for let me be ur daughter...muaks..i love u~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

my Daddy~~ seems like i din update my blog since long long ago..hehe..
Fathers' day is coming soon but i cnt celebrate it cz everytime during fathers' day im nt in my fathers' day cake eat (T.T) haha...

this is my lovely daddy

he is cute right? daddy is the best man that i had never met in dis world..he doesn't like to smoke,drink and gamble(cn i find my mr. right who is similar to him?haha...)he is really a gud husband and a gud daddy..although he is low educated,he works vy hard everyday eventhough is public holiday..sometime, i feel tat me n my mum quite always bully him by always complaining him doing wrong he never angry about it..he'll js scratching his head,thn scratching his ass and just smile and walk away after he heard our complaining..haha..cute right?

For now,his age almost comes near to 49years old..i just wish tat he cn stay more healthy and more happy in the future.. ah xian love u much much~~muaks... ^^v( ah xian,dis name is my dad called me since i was born cz he said that the fortuneteller gave me dis name which can bring luck to me..u see,hw gud he is~~hehe...)

Friday, March 27, 2009


原本还以为真的可以去他们的演唱会了。。因为我朋友的朋友说他有免费入门票。。但是。。。却没了。。。因为太迟回复,所以演唱会的票就给别人了。。。期待与兴奋的心情完全没了。。 (T.T)失望极了。。

下次真的要快快买票!!我后悔了!!现在就只有期待唱片公司推出演唱会dvd 吧。。。


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CONTINUE(crazy day to ipoh)

hmm..sheryl,next time drive har...must concentrate on driving hor...
she stil can take photo while driving1...
here is our 1st destination~~NAM HEONG(3rd oldest oldtown coffee shop)



see....3 of us ordered same thing..3 Char Kuew Teow and for sure 3 old town KOPI ais ar...char kuew teow rm3.50 each,and kopi ais rm1.50..

can't see clearly right?



it was so delicious oh..d prawn was fresh wonder many ppl order it..

after finished eating, we went 2 d opposite my frn told me tat,the two shop was run by brothers and it also called as the 1st and 2nd oldest oldtown coffee shop

so....wat we do?

of cz must try la..haha..we bought another kopi ais there and drank it while shopping..tatday,3 of us reli addicted to KOPI AIS...kaka...

To be continued....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

crazy day for going ipoh

y'day,3 of us went to ipoh..sheryl is our driver, siow peng is d person who bring us to the destination..we started our journey at 2pm,thn bck at 3am on the next morning..wat a crazy day we have been..

hmm...the process ar..i lazy 2 write my frn more advanced oh..she worte on her blog...if any1 interested,plz go2 view her new blog la.. her more support oh~~

anyway,tat day i feel vy happy and crazy...thx for accompany me~wish 2 have dis activity again soon..keke...

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm BACK!!! seems a long period that i did not update my blog n many many i was in a 3months holidays for finished my year1, i was in my hometown for 3months..Hmm...Actually quite miss the study life during tat long long holiday, bt whn it comes to study life, my brain wil automatic switch to "miss HOME"..Chinese new year is around the corner, thn i'll b going bck home soon which is on 23th with my buddy..Sometimes, it is quite hard2 express all my feeling in writting a blog..anyway, i just wish that in this year 2009, i can get wat i wan n hope my buddies happy always..

My new semester started yesterday..whn i reached U, really "oh my god" was crowded..many juniors came n bicycles were many..Kampar nw is vy crowded. It is totally different from the 1st day that i came here..In this new semester, i have2 resit 1 paper(the paper tat i hate the most FINANCIAL INFORMATION FOR MANAGEMENT~some sort like COSTING)..this subject make me feel headache..because of it, i failed the paper last semester, coz i HATE COSTING!!! thn i have 2 resit it dis, in this sem, i have extra 1 subject to study..ARGhhh...wat my mum will say?? just guess...haiz...she ask me bring notes back home study during CNY holiday..sob sob...feel pity oh..need carry back all the notes and STUDY during CNY... (T.T)...wat 2 do?haiz..who ask me failed tat paper..i hope tat it is the 1st n that last paper tat i failed in examination..NO MORE!!!
  • i think i have to stop here...bye~~continue next time~~